Introduction to Welding Processes & Equipment

by Roger Garnett

Welding is a craft that can be performed reasonably by amateurs. As always, good equipment is important for producing good work. The basics and theory can be learned solo, and from books, but like many crafts, learning from someone proficient is very desirable. A real good way to start is to take some kind of night-school or similar beginning welding class. You get exposed to various equipment and methods. There are often advanced classes available, as well.

Among the first things a new welder needs to understand, is what the different kinds of welding processes and equipment are, and their application. A quick rundown:


Gas Welding

Uses Flame from burning gas to create welding heat.

Arc welding

Uses an electric arc to create welding heat.

There is, of course, a wide range of equipment, capabilities, quality, and pricing. The quality can make a big difference in the ease of use and quality of work. "You get what you pay for." Experience, and practice, practice, practice are very important. Learning from an expert gets you there a lot faster.

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