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The Team.Net automotive mailing lists make up one of the largest automotive enthusiast communities on the Net. They cover many types motorsports and cars. Ownership of an appropriate vehicle is not a prerequisite to joining a list.

How to Subscribe to a list:

You can use the Team.Net Mailing List Manager to help subscribe online and get the most up-to-date list info.

If you will be representing an auto-related business on one of these mailing lists, Please Read This First!
Or Subscribe via direct e-mail request: The Team.Net lists, located at are run by an automated "list Server", called majordomo. You can also find information about this majordomo by sending the command help on the first line of an e-mail message to:

Some lists are also available as Digest Version, In digest form, all the messages for each day are sent out combined in a single message (sometimes two). This is good if your system can't handle a lot of mail messages.

To mail to majordomo to subscribe (or unsubscribe) to most of these lists, send an email message to the request address, with your request in the body of the message like one of these:

subscribe british-cars [your email address]
subscribe british-cars-digest [your email address]
or to get off a list:
unsubscribe british-cars [your email address]

Note: your email address is optional, and majordomo will use your default return address if nothing else is provided

Team.Net vehicle related mailing lists

(Check the Team.Net list manager for additional listings.)

More Mailing Lists

Here's The British Cars lists page, and another list of Automotive Mail Lists. or check the R.A.S Mailing List FAQ

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