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Re: HSR Daytona

To: Jeff Snook <>, Friends of Triumph <>,
Subject: Re: HSR Daytona
From: Richard Taylor <>
Date: Sat, 10 Oct 1998 16:13:57 -0400

Last year there was neither garages nor paved paddock available to the
prolitariate.  Neil, Rosenberg and I pitched our tent along with many, many
others in what became the bogs after an afternoon shower. By Saturday,
however, there were some excellant vacancies which came available by early
leavers. We moved en mass to some terrific high falutin' facilities.

Neil, Barry Rosenberg and I all plan to be there. Barry's TR-4 took first
place (Alan Taylor driving) at Road Atlanta two weeks ago and Neil third.
I was running fifth until my throttle linkage broke.  I lost two laps
before I could jerry rig it enough to finish.  Alan Pinal's TR-4 was the
fastest car in our class(w/ a 1:52, I think) but he DNF'd with some sort of
valve train problem.  There was a green TR-3 from Lexington KY which was
very fast also, but he didn't make the final race. My car's running much
better, but so long as I keep it streetable, I think I'm destined to be a
pack runner. Hey, at least I can now keep in the pack.  We're all headed to
Savannah this Thursday.  Hope to see you down there.  You looked like you
had mastered that track last year.

See you soon,
Richard Taylor, TR-4

Jeff wrote

At 10:04 AM 10/10/98 -0400, Jeff Snook wrote:
>Dear Fellow Racers,
>I am just about ready to sign up for Daytona.  I have not been
>there before and don't know about the garage spaces they offer
>versus the open paddock area.  Any input would be helpful.
>I will be running my Triumph TR3A providing the gearbox gets
>repaired in time.
>Who is going to be there?  Any FOT members?  
>Vroom, vroom..........
>Jeff Snook
>Battle of Britain Racing

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