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Re: San Diego Concours deElegance

Subject: Re: San Diego Concours deElegance
From: Jeff Snook <>
Date: Mon, 26 Oct 1998 09:06:29 -0500

Sorry I didn't get a chance to see you in San Diego!  We were in
La Jolla for a few days with three other couples, so the guys
took off Sunday to go to this concours.  It was really cool to
see all the old Alfa race cars lined up on the golf course. 
Especially nice to see the Blue Alfa coupe that was at the Glen
for the re-enactment last month, although it did not have the
pink numbers painted on the fenders at the concours!  Not much
English iron other than some beautiful Rolls Royces with engines
that were works of art themselves.  Did see one nice Jag XK120
aluminum bodied OTS that was quite nice.

I am going to try and get my TR3 into the Monterey race some
year.  It looks like 1999 is out for me, but I did get a
"tentative" OK from my wife for a trip West in 2000 for the big
week of cars and racing.  Now all I have to do is convince Steve
Earle that my car is "worthy enough" for his Laguna Seca event! 
That could lead into keeping the TR out West for a while and
returning for the San Diego event in the fall.

Vroom, vroom,

Jeff Snook wrote:
> This the second year for the Concours at Torrey Pines (although the concours
> it replaced was 18 years old). Wonderful location on the Torrey Pines golf
> course. Some of the views are spectacular. Great cars - some very historic old
> racers (and plenty of room to take pictures). Reasonable fees ($20.00 and kids
> free) including program  Best T-Shirts I have seen in a long time ($15. each)
> . And a great poster ($20.). So for the price of  $50. admission at Pebble
> Beach (not considering the free parking and shuttle service), one came away
> with great memories, great pictures, and great stuff with great convience. I
> think its an up and coming event.
> Next year, it is going to be in scheduled in November to coincide with Tony
> Earle's race. They are racing on the naval airstrip. It will make a nice
> weekend. I have not seen my triumphs at Earle's events. Just the Leman's
> Spitfire and Peyote. I do remember seeing a TR3 some years back that was
> passing a few italian cars. But none since.  Any particular reason why ?

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