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Re: True Endeavor

To: Fredd <>
Subject: Re: True Endeavor
From: Patrick McMullen <>
Date: Sun, 03 Oct 1999 13:11:36 -0400
Before this goes to far...

Let me clear up your misinterpetation by reading out of context.

> << Here in the south we celebrate
> > President Bill Clinton and Congress >>
> >Pat:
> >
> >You say here in the South 'we' celebrate President Bill Clinton and
> Congress.
> >
> >'We'?
> >You and who else?
> >Bill Dentinger
> Not me when I'm back home in N. Alabama.
> Also non of my neighbors and none of my friends.
> fredd

My statement was sarcastic towards Mr. Clinton and Congress. 
Their lack of performance and outright foolishness during their
terms has shed a black cloud over the USA.  My statement of
celebration was in reference to Mr. Lee's prediction of this type
of thing happening in a single, central government and how he was
right so many years ago.

Sorry, NO MORE POLITICS from me.  MY Mistake!

Pat in NC  (born in WI)

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