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From: "Paul Richardson" <>
Date: Mon, 11 Oct 1999 20:17:10 +0100
Hi Troopers

One of my spies in the States (who works for the Triumph International
Trophy Symposium) tells me that with his latest class win with the
Thunderbolt at IRP old Dentinger has gone and won the 1999 SENIORS VINTAGE
CHAMPIONSHIP. What a man the old devil is!! If any of the younger drivers
want to know what he's been on it's some 'unkshun' I gave him last year at
Road America called 'Firy Jack.'  It's basically a horse lineament my
grandfather used to ease stiff joints on his shire horse 'Percy'. The only
trouble with the stuff is that it gets hotter and hotter. I used to use it
in 100 yard sprint races at school - I never lost one mainly due to the
fact that I put plenty on the back of my legs about two minutes before a
race. When the gun went off so did I. When I hit the 75 yard marker the
heat generated by the Firy Jack became so intense you could see the scorch
marks on the grass as I accelerated through the tape and straight on to the
cold shower in the 'ablutions' building across the lawns.

SERIOUSLY Well done Bill a superb effort. I'm sure that everyone who knows
Bill knows that he is a great character in the style of a vintage Napoleon
Brandy - warm and smooth on a cold night and even warmer and smoother on a
'hot' night. He treats his racing like he does his friends as 'serious
fun.' Living proof that he's got the mixture just right - and 'character'
will always win races whatever compression ratio you use.

All the best



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