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TR compression vs. pistons and cams...Plus SoCal Pinewood

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Subject: TR compression vs. pistons and cams...Plus SoCal Pinewood
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Date: Fri, 15 Oct 1999 10:52:26 EDT

Hepolite pistons: oddly, a couple of years ago I came across some NOS 
Hepolites that are 87MM  .030 OS. I put them on the shelf awaiting a new 
engine build. I have been slowly assembling the parts to build this engine 
and have now begun.

It is good to hear of such positive remarks regarding these Hepolites, in any 

BTW, if anyone has any recommendations for an intermediate cam grind for 
running vintage, I would appreciate it. 

I plan to be under 11:1 in CR and want power range to be near 3500-5500 RPM  
with an emphasis on reliability with a redline of 6000. I have heard some 
good things about the G-3 and TR-777 Isky cams and then I hear that this is 
'Old Technology' and "there are much better cams out there".

I currently use the TR-666 Isky cam, per late Mike Belfer's recommendation, 
and have done so with great relative success...the car has seen 2:58 a few 
times at Road America and this is likely the extent of our ambition. There 
are times however, when it would be nice to have a little more punch for 
passing, or simply keeping pace with some of my friends.

Sidebar Comments: One note is that when our John Engine Engineering 'flow 
bench' guy examined the TR4A head he indicated that when approaching .500 
lift this engine would/should respond very well. Not being familiar with this 
engine design he said "it sure reminded him of a tractor engine". :-)

Anyway, I am prepared to take any sage advice that I can. Please understand 
that I run a stock transmission and final drive, too.
PS: When in San Ramon for the Triumphest, Kent Howard and I enountered a 
SoCal lady who entered a pinewood derby car which was reportedly prepared, in 
part, by a 50s and 60s Triumph Tuner of the first magnitude (resides in 
Orange County). BTW, her pinewood derby car won going away. The legacy lives 

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 The issue of pop-up pistons has come to the fore several times over the
 years and the information never seems to be saved or passed.  >>

Once the good heads were gone, it became clear to me that pop-up pistons
were the only option that I could think of for a motor to win the ARRC. 
It took a large investment of time and money to make it work in the TR3
motor.  I doubt that it was easy for Jack Wheeler, even after I let him know
that it could work. 

  Kas is very correct about the flame front getting upset!  
The likes of Lester Lichty would be appalled.

The increased octane of available, legal, racing fuel;  the more exact timing
of beyond distributor ignition systems, and legal alternative con rods
are the major changes to this
situation since the 60s and early 70s.

I did win many earlier races with the fine Hepolite 87mm pistons.

I also figured out how to make the factory rear crank seal work at high RPM,
and always check the flywheel runout.

I had a long call from Steve Froines today (TR4 Natl. Champ and the last
West Coast JRT Comp Director)  He could not help me with my wondering
about 67 TR3 Natl. Champ Lee Midgley

The  Hardy   HP

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