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It's the John and Bob Show!

Subject: It's the John and Bob Show!
From: Bob Lang <>
Date: Mon, 25 Oct 1999 15:09:10 -0400 (EDT)

In another fit of insanity, I'm off on another road trip.

Who cares that CarWon is making grunching sounds in the back. Who cares 
that Khartu is really less then 20 _real hours_ from starting the motor. 
And it's time to get the November edition of the "New England Triumph" out. 
And that I'm giving my employer exactly 24 hours notice that I'm taking a 
week's vacation - AND - saturday night all the Compaq computers on campus 
are going to stop working due to a license thing...


This is due to the graciousness of list-member John Lye, who I can't 
thank enough. It looks like there'll be a "titanic duel" for FTD between 
Don Marshall, JK Jackson, Chris Moore (presumably), Tim Suddard and John 
Lye. Me, I'm just the tire warmer for the EP TR4 - oh and the tire 
provider, but that's another story, as they say. But Tim, brandy-new 
stickah tires for the Lye TR4! Goodboot R210's. That's gotta be good for 

Will the Ro-Spit garner the coveted FTD?? Will the most awesome DSP TR6 
in the world show the boys that it is possible for a TR6 to be "that 
fast"?? Or will the ol' John Lye TR4 come through again? Only time will tell.

Anyway, I'll be pretty much imcommunicado for a week or so in the interim.
I _may_ bring a laptop, but I might not. I might even use "paper media"
for my news and communication for a while. If I do bring the laptop, I'll
be sure to post some noise about the VTR S.E. Regional between now and
then.  If I don't bring the laptop - well, you'll just have to read about
it later. 

I'm Psyched!

Now, who in the reasonable _near area_ to Lake City, FL has Speedvision
for "live coverage" of the F1 race this weekend?? Contact me at the host
hotel if you do. Or does the host hotel get Speedvision??? I need my F1
fix. If you have info and you're in the Lake City, FL area, I'll be the
really white guy with my tongue draggin' on the pavement due to all the
nifty Triumphs.

Oh, and the lobstah suit is stayin' home.


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