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What a week.

Subject: What a week.
From: Mark J Bradakis <>
Date: Mon, 25 Oct 1999 11:36:49 -0600 (MDT)
Last week was pretty hectic for me, perhaps this week I can relax a bit.
Majordomo was acting up big time on some of the more popular Team.Net lists,
as those of you on the Triumph or Spitfire lists can testify.

But the good news is that the server fund drive is coming along nicely, though
I've yet to go through most of the donations that have come in so far.  I'd
say that in a few weeks I may have enough to get a new box and a private net
connection, but not enough for the thousand or so acres of sagebrush, the two
or three mile road course, the 10,000 square foor shop and 50,000 foot 
et cetera.  So it goes.

I did pick up one more storage slot, though, as friday afternoon I delivered the
remains of Junior to a local racer.  That's the red Spitfire "1150" you see on
my web page ( that was basically stripped to get Killer
together.  The new owner is not yet sure of what to do with it, though it is
currently parked next to a first generation RX-7 project, and he does read
Grassroots Motorsports.  He also heard that VARA has recently decided to shift
the cutoff dates for production cars, and will allow cars up to 1973, I think it
is.  While Junior is really a '74, I do have this '71 Mark 4 tub leaning against
the shop wall that may also find a new home soon.  I for one would love to see
him make a race car out of it.  This winter I plan to dust off the early Spit
racer I've had for a bit, and actually get it ready for some of our local
vintage race events.  Next summer could be fun!


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