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Re: Sticking throttle

Subject: Re: Sticking throttle
From: Don Marshall <>
Date: Wed, 15 Nov 2000 17:09:37 -0500

I need some help diagnosing a sticking throttle problem I'm having with the
TR4 (full race, radical cam, etc. if that has any affect on the diagnosis)

It runs fine, but when the throttle is released, about half the time the
revs will only drop to about 2500 and stick there until I press the linkage
at the carb to force it closed.  The rest of the time it drops all the way
to idle without any problem.  

I've disconnected the linkage completely and the springs on the shafts are
adjusted tightly to pull the butterflies closed.  The carb pistons are free
and drop with a good thunk so I don't think they're sticking open.   I
haven't had the carbs apart to adjust the butterflies yet.  There's a fair
amount of movement at the shaft, so it might be sucking air.. could that
cause it?   Anywhere else to look?

Thanks from sunny Florida, where some of us only get to vote once, dammit.


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