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TR4A Semi-retired racer for sale

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Subject: TR4A Semi-retired racer for sale
From: "RIVERSIDE" <>
Date: Thu, 16 Nov 2000 10:41:48 -0600
With great reluctance and shame I have concluded that another winter will go
by with
my 4A parked outside of my shop instead of inside it being finished up.
She deserves better. This is a circa 1980 SCCA racer that has had a
reconversion to the street started.
It has a fresh engine,  detroil locker,  revolution wheels,  new street
radials, hard top, od,
atl cell w/ twin pumps,  the usual suspension mods, fresh hydraulics.
excellent sheet metal
It has never had any rust.  It has riveted on flares that could easily be
I believe that the trans has close ratio gears.
There is no roll cage.
I need $3,600 for the car.  If anyone is interested or knows someone who might
please e-mail me or call for more details.  I would rather not e-bay this ol'
girl.  This is the
2nd time I have owned her and would like to keep her in the family.

art de armond     319-857-4815 work
                                            319-626-6374  home

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