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Re: A wonderful year!

To: "Susan Hensley" <>, <>
Subject: Re: A wonderful year!
From: "Bob Kramer" <>
Date: Tue, 21 Nov 2000 14:08:45 -0600
> Our last Texas World outing was a very good time, and I hope you will
> all follow Joe, Jack, and Kent's lead and make it down for the March
> event (talk about overflow parking if THAT happens! ;)   It will be big
> fun if they allow Group 4 TR's to run with Group 2 like they were
> saying...  Look for me in your mirrors!  :)

FYI: Group 4 cars are always eligible for Group 2 in CVAR. The period
correct class, Group 4, must stick to the 1961 GCR, have an interior,
original dash, 2 seats, headlights. Group 2 follows the 1972 GCR, which is
much more liberal. I suppose we could always get a judge to look at the
intent of the rules......

Bob Kramer
TR6, TR4A, TR4
Hill Country Triumph Club
Corinthians Vintage Auto Racing

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