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To: "Friends of Triumph" <>
Subject: coils
From: "David Kettler" <>
Date: Tue, 21 Nov 2000 20:56:18 -0600
All this talk about coils got me thinking about a recent ignition problem I
had on my street TR4A.  I've had a Lucas Sports Coil in the car for some
years.  I rebuilt the engine and the carbs, did the usual tuneup stuff and
still the car didn't seem like it had the full power it should have.

One night I was driving along and a plastic bag blew under the car at a red
light.  I pulled over and looked under the bonnet to find the bag.  It was
quite dark and when I went to look, I saw sparking around one of the low
tension terminals on the coil.  What I found was that the terminal was loose
where it was rivited to the coil.  I soldered it and the car ran a lot

Last week I replaced the waterpipe that runs from the water pump to the
heater.  This required me to move the coil somewhat.  I put everything back
together and it wouldn't start.  Took me a while to remember to check this
terminal again.  It was loose again, so I replaced the coil and of course it
now runs again.

Hope this helps someone else.

Dave Kettler
'65,'66 TR4A
'60 TR3

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