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Re: Thanksgiving, Turkeys and Mayflowers

Subject: Re: Thanksgiving, Turkeys and Mayflowers
From: "michael l. cook" <>
Date: Fri, 24 Nov 2000 23:12:48 -0500
Yes, there is a picture of a Mayflower with 44 on it - taken at Road Atlanta
during a race weekend I think. 1970s, sometime. No idea whose car it was. I
wasn't there.

I never drove my Mayflower (never got it started) but I did drive one that was
for sale in Connecticut and I got it up to around 40 mph at which point it felt
so unstable that I slowed down. Hate to try it at top speed. For an autocross it
would need those outriggers that Consumer Reports uses to keep Suzukis from
falling over.

35 year old Michelin X may be interesting but they are incorrect for the car.
Rules, rules, rules!!!

Mike Cook wrote:

> In a message dated 11/24/00 7:27:51 PM EDT, writes:
> > We drove to Lincoln, NE to spend Thanksgiving with his family.
> >  Thanksgiving morning Brad charged the battery on his Mayflower and we
> >  two turkeys motorvated the couple miles to his parents' house for
> >  Thanksgiving dinner in style...
> >  (The FOT connection here is, unbelievably, that the car used to be
> >  autocrossed by its previous owner, who has trophies to prove it!)
> I seem to recall a photo in a long-ago issue of the TSOA Newsletter (Mike C.,
> help me out here) of the "official Group 44 Mayflower," replete with the
> "backwards" 4's on the side.
> >  We actually did get it up to about 40 mph on the back streets -- not bad
> for
> >  an unrestored car that hasn't been run in 5 years and only has three
> gears!
> Used to take me and my Mayflower 5 years to get up to 40 mph....
> >  And only 1/3 of the full braking system...  It was a blast!
> That's about 1/3 more than my poor 'Flower has at the moment! On the other
> hand, I've got genuine (35-year-old) Michelin "X" radials on my car, so watch
> out in that next autocross! :-) :-)
> --Andy

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