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BS Racing's new Devin

To: Susan Hensley <>
Subject: BS Racing's new Devin
From: Henry Frye <>
Date: Thu, 30 Nov 2000 08:31:56 -0500
The Brad and Suz Racing Team has acquired a really neat car here. When 
asked if I could help pick the car up, actually it was Helen who suggested 
we would be driving right by Queens over the Thanksgiving holiday.  Yup, I 
married an awesome lady. She had no problem making the trip to Philadelphia 
and back over Thanksgiving weekend in the tow rig instead of her comfy 
Jeep, and face whatever dilemma Queens, New York had to offer. In all 
reality, it could not have gone easier.

I have seen and adored Jeff Snook's Devin prepared by Glen Effinger. I am 
sure Susan did the same at Mid-Ohio this year. Yup, Susan has seen what 
this car can be...

Gang, Brad and Susan got a fabulous car here. There is a bit of work to be 
done, but the TR3 underpinnings appear real solid.

As far as Brad and Susan getting the car from me, no FOT-heavies will be 
needed!  They are just going to have to find me...    <grin>

Or, if they decide they want to pass, the check already made out and sealed 
in the addressed, stamped envelope waiting to send to them... I would love 
to own this car!  ;-)


At 09:16 PM 11/29/00 -0600, Susan Hensley wrote:
>I need to add one comment to this -- we may need some area listers to come 
>when we eventually do pick it up, just so we can wrest it out of Henry's 
>Seems he's taken a real shine to it...
>Keep Triumphing,
>Susan   :)

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