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Re: Broken Stuff

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Subject: Re: Broken Stuff
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Date: Mon, 12 Aug 2002 13:37:50 -0400
The oil pump failed, and seized the engine before I noticed it on the
gauge.  The little tabs that at the top of the pump shaft broke off
(these are where the slot is cut into the top of the shaft). Does
anyone know of a source for good quality pumps?  This was a new pump
from TRF.  When I put it in, I was concerned about the sharp edges in
the slot,  - I should have paid more attention to this, rather than
rushing to get the engine together.  It looks like the crank can be
saved, but the Carillo rods are questionable.  I am sending them into
carrillo to be evaluated.  There was a thread about alternate rods a
while ago.  Did anyone ever get anywhere with another supplier?

BTW, I had the pole for the race, with a qualifying time at Lime Rock
of 1:02.76 (I am using DOT tires, not slicks), an all time best for
me.  EP lap record from a Lotus 7 (Jerry Hinkle I think) is a 0:58+.
The pump failed at the end of the 1st lap.

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Subject: Broken Stuff

> Seems to be the season for broken stuff.
> I cracked a brake drum in practice on friday morning in the FV.
> I broke a front axle friday afternoon in qualifying.
> Joe Baruoch broke something nastily on the entry to Big Bend on the
> restart of the volvo Hysterical race...
> Time to get the other front axle x rayed...magnaflux showed *nothing
> the one that broke...
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