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Re: TR6 axles 2nd try

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Subject: Re: TR6 axles 2nd try
From: "John Kipping" <>
Date: Sat, 17 Aug 2002 10:46:08 +1200
I used to pull off loads of Spitfire hubs which without the proper tool are
almost impossible to remove. From what people have said the TR version is
far more difficult and a lot more expensive to replace if bent (the Spitfire
one was also used on Dolomites and Marinas). If the bearings need replacing
(which again are far more difficult than a Spitfire) then an exchange unit
is the best option, if the bearings don't need doing, leave well alone. I
thought of putting a sign up in our shop "Hub Pulling #5, if somebody else
has already tried - #10" but as invariably we supplied another hub we made
more money in any case - getting the hub puller attached with the wheel
studs pointing in all directions wasn't easy.
John Kipping
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Subject: TR6 axles 2nd try

> Ah the wonders of cyberspace;o)
> My message was meant to say. " How in the blippin Heck do you get the hubs
> pulled off of Tr-6 axles." I don't have a manual ;o) I have a big puller
> lots of Kroil. I don't want to do anything dumb. So how do I need to do
>                          Thanks
>                            Andy
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