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Subject: SPRINGS
From: "Ronald R Gates" <>
Date: Thu, 29 Aug 2002 10:04:10 -0400
We are upgrading our front springs on the TR-4 . After some earlier threads
on our fot site we got some MGB-GT front springs for the car . There were
(2) types of MGB-gt  front springs, early and late . The early springs are
supposed to have softer spring rates and the late ones , because of the
baby bumbers ect . were supposed to be stiffer .
 We checked the rates of the original stock TR-4 springs and found them to
be 300lb. and the new (early) MGB-GT ones are
420lbs , and are about 1/2in. shorter than the stock TR,s . Has anyone
tried the MG springs or have i gotten the wrong ones

 Peter Gates

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