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Subject: Re: SPRINGS
Date: Thu, 29 Aug 2002 22:04:21 EDT
   After reading the same e-mails I decided to install MGB-GT springs on my 
TR-4 while I was redoing the front end. The springs in the car tested at 292  
lbs. while the MG springs tested at 462 lbs. I used the smaller alum. spacer 
on both installations. Due to the higher spring rate the car seems to sit a 
little higher in the front. I didn't take measurements before and after so it 
is just an observation.
   I also changed the upper A arms, added new shocks and installed a new sway 
bar from Saner in Florida. I know -- only change one thing at a time.
   The book says it should have more under steer but after Mid-Ohio and a 
race here in Colo. I like the way the car is handling.
    I'm thinking of taking out the alum. spacer to lower the front some. But 
not after I'm done with the 205 Yokos I'm still using. I like 195s much 
better anyway.
    Good luck.
                                     Jim Elbe
                                        TR 4 # 223      

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