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Re: Connecting Rods

Subject: Re: Connecting Rods
From: "jaboruch" <>
Date: Fri, 30 Aug 2002 22:21:27 -0400
Several people inquired about the phone number for Pauter.  It is
619-422-5384.  They are in Chula Vista, California.  Their web site is  Joe(B)

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Subject: RE: Connecting Rods

> Joe
> I need rods for my Vitesse.  can you give me a telephone number for
> Vernon Brannon
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> Subject: Connecting Rods
>     I just ordered my new rods, I decided to go with Pauter.  They
> $720 for the set, and I should have them in about 5 weeks.  Carrillo
> has rods on the shelf, but the racer price in $1276 and the jobber
> price is $1076.  Both the Carrillos and the Pauters are made from
> same materials at the same forging company.    Pauter had not made
> TR3/4 rods before, so mine will be the first set.  They did have
> TR6 and Spitfire rods on the shelf, and I believe that they will now
> keep some TR3/4 ones there.
> I could have gone with some less expensive rods, but the customer
> service at Pauter was excellent.  You talk to Pauters when you call
> in.  Crower said that they could make the rods for $710 per set in 8
> weeks.  Top Performance that make Saenz rods would do a set for $620
> also in 8 weeks.  I will let you know how they look and fit when I
> them in.  Joe(B)
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