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Re: stub axles

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Subject: Re: stub axles
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Date: Mon, 3 Feb 2003 21:07:21 -0500
I have some barely legible drawings of a conversion that some racers
did long ago to use a TR6 rear hub on the front of TR3-6's.  I believe
that the taper into the upright was the same along with the inner
bearing surface, but it was longer and I believe larger diameter for
the outer bearing.  It would probably be not too difficult for someone
like Southwick Machine to reverse engineer off an original stub axle
and make the outer bearing larger to fit a standard size bearing.  If
we were going to make the inner taper larger, then the uprights would
need to be machined and I am not sure how much larger diameter they
will tolerate.

For those who have had failures, where were they breaking?  Joe(B)

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Subject: stub axles

> This design (seperate stub) is not reassuring in the first
> place and the small size of the stub and bearings is
> also less than confidence inspiring.  Has anyone
> investigated the possibility of an upgraded, more
> testosterone laden and larger replacement?
> art d

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