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Re: TR3 SCCA alternate front brakes

To: "jaboruch" <>,
Subject: Re: TR3 SCCA alternate front brakes
From: Irv Korey <>
Date: Mon, 03 Feb 2003 20:47:59 -0600
At 09:20 PM 2/3/03 -0500, jaboruch wrote:

>The SCCA production car rules (PCS) allow the use of TR6 alternate
>front brakes on TR3's & 4's.  Those alternate brakes have vented
>rotors from what I have been told are Jag XJ6's.  The PCS lists the
>part numbers (i think they are girling numbers) as Disc - C32764 and
>Calipers - right hand - 60-12797 and Left hand - 60-12796.  Has anyone
>on the list tried this conversion?  If so was it worth it?

I don't know if Jack Wheeler is still monitoring the list, but he once told 
me that the Jag brakes on his EP TR4 were good for 3 seconds a lap at Road 
America. He told me this on a weekend when one of the Jag rotors broke and 
he was forced to return to TRiumph brakes.


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