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TR4/6 Brake Calipers for 240Z

Subject: TR4/6 Brake Calipers for 240Z
Date: Sat, 13 Dec 2003 11:08:46 EST
Hate to muddy the water, but it seems like we might have come across another 
variation on the theme.

We (Jack & Joe) have come across a car that was converted to Datsun 240Z 
calipers. Converter claims that it was a direct bolt on (not surprised) with 
changing of one hyd. fitting.

While the pads are identical and interchangeable, he claims that there is 
.040 MORE PISTON AREA. (again not surpised). If I get a chance I am going to 
pursue this myself.

If you elect to do this, I would be interested in your results and we have 
our example in front of us for the time being.

TR4-6 brackets are required, of course, and the smaller (less expensive) 
rotors. The Z calipers should be plentiful and cheap.

> A while back I took a survey on TR3 brake calipers and lining material.  
> It seems that all but a couple of us are running later TR4-6(early) 
> brake calipers on TR3s.  It seems like the primary advantages of the 
> later calipers are less weight and a better selection of  brake pads 
> off-the-shelf.  I've now got everything I need to convert mine.  
> However, when comparing the two, I noticed the early pads have a larger 
> surface area (maybe 20% larger).  Wouldn't this be an advantage for the 
> early calipers?  I've had no problems with brakes since switching to a 
> better lining material, so now I'm wondering is this a case of - "if it 
> ain't broke, don't fix it".
> Larry Young

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