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TR3 Leaf Spring Front Attachment Pin

Subject: TR3 Leaf Spring Front Attachment Pin
From: "John Herrera" <>
Date: Wed, 17 Dec 2003 19:58:32 -0500

I tried to remove the pin that holds the front of the rear suspension spring 
to the frame on my TR3. As some of you are probably well aware, removal of 
this pin must be accomplished by pulling it toward the center of the car. 
The body blocks access to the outside of the pin so that it cannot be driven 
towards the center of the car from outside, save by removing the body or 
drilling a hole in the body. To facilitate removal with the body on the 
frame, the inner side of the pin is drilled and tapped for a 5/16 fine bolt.

First I applied Penetrating Oil, then I put fastened a fender washer to the 
inner side of the pin with a bolt in the hole provided. I used a "pickle 
fork" as a lever with the tines resting on the fender washer and straddling 
the pin, and, using the frame as a fulcrum, beat on the other end of the 
pickle fork to pry the pin toward the center of the car. It came out about 
halfway and stopped, and no amount of beating and name-calling would budge 
it any further.

I have asked a few people how they removed this pin. They say they had no 
problem, but the body was removed when they did it!  Cutting the pin with a 
sawzall has been suggested, so I bought one. This will get the spring off, 
but won't half of the pin stay in the frame?

I'm sure this is not the first time this pin has gotten stuck. Does anyone 
have a favorite method for removing it with the body in place?


John Herrera

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