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RE: Comments about journalism

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Subject: RE: Comments about journalism
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Date: Fri, 19 Dec 2003 14:03:39 -0800
 That's him. Wild character. They made the movie "the Ghost and the
Darkness" from Man Eaters of Tsavo (which Capstick edited), and amazingly
enough, the movie was less weird and sensational than the actual story.
Those two lions ate a 140 railway workiers in nine months. They have them
both in the Field Museum in Chicago. Two very ordinary looking, rather
scraggly maneless male lions. I bet they looked a lot different when they
entered your tent in the middle of the night. One of them was a little over
nine feet from nose to tail. 

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Peter Hathaway Capstick.

Amazing what turns up in a Yahoo search. I put in "capstick death long
grass" and several references popped up immediately for this 287-page
"Death in the Long Grass : A Big Game Hunter's Adventures in the African
Bush." Currently available from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, etc.

--Rocky Entriken

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> I've actually started a company fundamentally dedicated to this
> haven't done anything with it yet, except registering a couple of good
> domain names, designing a few logos, and telling my long suffering
> I'm up to, but the name of the company is PSB which stands for
> Small Boy" a lift from a rare old bullshit artist called Capstick (I
> his first name was Peter, but I won't swear to it)--his wife called
him a
> Professional Small Boy. Mr Capstick (now passed awy, unfortunately)
> lurid african hinting epics with titles like "Death in the long
> "Death in the dark Continent", death in Lonely Places" and edited "Man
> Eaters of Tsavo". Wonderful stuff. I only have a fuzzy notion of how
> company will make money, but I'm fairly certain it will let me play
> for quite some time without paying taxes on toys. The tagline for the
> company is "You're only young once, but you can be immature forever."
> toyed with calling it "the Lost Boys", but then that stupid vampire
> came out.
> And yes, Suze, you can join (once there is something TO join). Boys is
> term descriptive of a certain set of passions, not ownership of a
> though I feel fairly certain you can make a strong claim on Brad's.
> Having spent the afternoon surfing, and the early morning playing with
> controlled airplanes I feel uniquely qualified to lead this outfit.
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> I probably never grew up.  I hope I never do.
> bruce
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> Subject: Comments about journalism
> > Once again, I am absolutely astounded at the diversity of
> > knowledge and literacy represented by the members of this group.
> more
> > astounding is the fact that despite our experience, knowledge and
> literacy, we
> > insist on messing about with these #&^%*(&%$  British cars. You
> think
> > that at our age we would know better.
> >
> > John Price

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