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Date: Mon, 31 May 2004 22:36:08 -0400
 A webber tunnng manual that i have been refering to of late sujests that
sports cars that are towed have the float cambers filled with light engine
oil to protect the needle valve.  There is no other  info  printed  so how
do you get it out? Can you start  up with it in the bowl > that would
surprise me. Do you just add oil to a bowl with gas allready  in it ? Do you
tap a hole in the base of the well cover ? for dranage purposes Does any one
go threw this work to protect float settings and needle valve   thanks
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Subject: webers

> All this TR6 and Weber discussion reminded me that a friend
> recently told me he would like to sell his TR6 Weber setup.
> It had less than 30 miles put on it while it was actulally on
> his car.  He did not pack the gear to get it running right and
> wouldn't get any help, so he gave up way too soon.  I think he
> is looking for around $1300.
> art de armond

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