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Copper gaskets

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Subject: Copper gaskets
From: "Charly Mitchel" <>
Date: Wed, 16 Jun 2004 18:39:23 -0700
Hey all, I have a professional question to ask and maybe it'll be of some help
to others than myself.  I think I've discovered a cause of my TR6 running hot.
It seems to be a leak between the #6 cylinder and the water jacket at the head
gasket.  I say this because I can seen the gasket is darker in that area.  Now
the question, I have a copper head gasket and have been told many ways to make
it seal, but I want to get the opinion of the people who make and install
these gaskets.  It is a very good quality gasket made by Gasket Works and I
don't see any other damage to it.  Before assembling the motor, I had the
block decked .020" and the head was check for trueness.  I'm pretty sure those
2 items are flat.  I really would like to use the copper gasket if possible
but could go to a composition gasket if the reasons are there.  What do you
all think?
Charly Mitchel

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