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Re: Copper gaskets

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Subject: Re: Copper gaskets
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Date: Thu, 17 Jun 2004 22:08:55 +1200
The (mostly) copper head gasket as fitted to a GT6 Mk I will fit all six
cylinder engines, but obviously it should not be fitted to any recessed
blocks (post 72). As it has smaller head stud holes it is necessary to
remove all the head studs, fit the the gasket in place and then screw all
the studs in. It certainly stops the gasket moving as the head is tightened
John Kipping
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Subject: Copper gaskets

> Hey all, I have a professional question to ask and maybe it'll be of some
> to others than myself.  I think I've discovered a cause of my TR6 running
> It seems to be a leak between the #6 cylinder and the water jacket at the
> gasket.  I say this because I can seen the gasket is darker in that area.
> the question, I have a copper head gasket and have been told many ways to
> it seal, but I want to get the opinion of the people who make and install
> these gaskets.  It is a very good quality gasket made by Gasket Works and
> don't see any other damage to it.  Before assembling the motor, I had the
> block decked .020" and the head was check for trueness.  I'm pretty sure
> 2 items are flat.  I really would like to use the copper gasket if
> but could go to a composition gasket if the reasons are there.  What do
> all think?
> Charly Mitchel

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