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Re: TR Related, Final Project, Exhaust Headers

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Subject: Re: TR Related, Final Project, Exhaust Headers
Date: Thu, 2 Dec 2004 07:36:57 EST
A few observations:

I just saw a header advertised and it touted the fact that the 2.5 inches 
continued from the collector. I assumed this meant that it was a benefit.

I run a 2.5 inch pipe and then later on found that Jack Wheeler found this to 
be the best diameter on a dyno...along with other variables. (Some day I hope 
to try a chassis dyno....ideally before Walter Mitty)

There are so many tube benders out there, I eliminated the flex pipe a long 
time ago.

> I finally managed (with a little grinding) to run 2 1/2 inch flexible 
> exhaust 
> tubing through the frame of the TR-3, as outlined in Kas's book.  The dB's 
> went up from 88 to 95, but I have some after thoughts.  The four tubes 
> terminate 
> into one 2 1/2" collector with a bolt on piece that tapers down to two 
> inches 
> in diameter.  I cut off the smaller diameter portion of this piece before 
> connecting the 2 1/2" exhaust tubing, since I thought that this was an 
> additional 
> restriction.
> Could this tapered piece have something to do with the tuning of the exhaust 
> header?  I got into tuned exhausts in the early 60's while still auto 
> crossing 
> and hill climbing the car.  This other guy, who traveled with us, had a 
> brand 
> new Alpha rated about 30 HP more than my old TR-3.  He could beat my times 
> in 
> autocrosses, but then we went to the Lowellville Hill Climb.  Prier to our 
> runs, he was telling me that there was something drastically wrong with my 
> car.  
> It doesn't run very well and burns oil.  I then beat his times in the hill 
> climb.
> He took his car to Boffo Motors in Beaver Falls and told them that there was 
> something wrong with it.  I beat his times in the hill climb.  They told him 
> that his Alpha may have more rated power than my TR-3, but he has less 
> displacement.  As a result, I probably have more torque for climbing hills.  
> He 
> couldn't accept this explanation.
> They also told him that he probably lost power if he took off his stock 
> exhaust system and added a straight pipe.  This was supposed to be a tuned 
> exhaust 
> system.
> I have another nearly identical exhaust header I can use.  Someone was going 
> to put it on his street TR-3.  He gave the header to me after I told him 
> what 
> he had to do to install it. -- pull the transmission, install a TR-4 
> flywheel, 
> and install the shorter starter motor. 

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