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RE: TR2 speedo cable?

To: <fot@Autox.Team.Net>
Subject: RE: TR2 speedo cable?
From: "Randall" <>
Date: Wed, 15 Dec 2004 22:16:59 -0800
>   I am finishing the race preparation and restoration of a 1954 tr2
> based Devin. I would like to use the stock Jaeger speedometer in it,
> but I don't know where a cable is driven from.

The TR2 had it driven from the tranny, I assume the Devin would too.

> Also, as I am not sure
> if it is driven from the wheels or tranny I must ask that if it is
> the tranny, then will it work with my all syncromesh tr4 gearbox

Should work fine, however the calibration will be for original size tires &
diff.  All TR2-4 (and on partially into TR6) used the same speedo gears in the
tranny (speedo cable turns at 2/5 driveshaft speed); the calibration for diff &
tires was done at the speedo head.  If yours doesn't match, you can have a
speedo shop make up a ratio adapter for you.  The calibration number for the
speedo head is printed on the face, and is turns per mile at the speedo cable.

> Any help is apreciated and I will need a cable and drive for
> the gauge so if anyone has one to sell, just let me know.

Cables are available new from the likes of TRF, Moss, et al.  The standard TR2-4
cable is 69" long, the overdrive cable is 96".  The TR6 cable also has the right
ends, and as I recall is in-between these two lengths.  They're only $15-20
each, hardly worth fooling with a used one IMO.


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