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Re: alloy head, for 6 cylinder

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Subject: Re: alloy head, for 6 cylinder
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Date: Wed, 8 Jun 2005 23:55:29 +1000
You should come south of the border and see the 3 TR6.s that regularly race
in Group S Historic sports cars .
Sports car racing is almost exclusively done on Historic Rules in Aus which
prevent mods such as Al heads
Geoff Byrne
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Sent: Wednesday, June 08, 2005 8:47 AM
Subject: RE: alloy head, for 6 cylinder

> Thank to Robert Lane for his comments. I put up the email to sort out
> matters like Robert has raised. Some comments back to all who have
> expressed interest.........
> I cannot help with or foster changes within SCCA. If you race in
> production classes, then you have to accept limits like this. Change
> class!! Various replies have indicated the alloy head is OK with some
> vintage race organisations in the US.
> We don't have any 6 cyl TR's or GT6's racing in production classes here
> any more--they are all in modified, so it's not such an issue here or in
> other places where we might sell them. Also, the head suits the 2500
> saloon range of which we have several racing here, and there are many in
> Europe/UK.
> It seems that we get more interest in products like this from road
> users, than racers.
> 50 heads is about what I need to make it sensible
> The immediate advantages for anyone are:
> *         Lighter, makes a difference, especially on top of the engine
> by marginally lowering c of g. power: weight improves.
> *         Better shaped ports will improve swirl into the chamber
> *         Chamber shape optimised for better flow around valves and
> squish
> *         Lightweight, small diameter valves will increase flow and
> lower valve train loads. This allows faster cam acceleration
> *         Well designed alloy heads handle higher compression because
> they deal with local hot spots better
> *         They will come with hard exh inserts to suit unleaded fuel
> Thanks to all the others who have expressed interest. Keep them coming.
> It may yet get off the ground.
> Terry O'Beirne

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