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Re: Hurrican Katrina Challenge -- NOT gas price whining!

To: Susan Kahler <>,
Subject: Re: Hurrican Katrina Challenge -- NOT gas price whining!
From: tom strange <>
Date: Thu, 1 Sep 2005 22:38:00 -0700 (PDT)
Thank you Susan...

Susan Kahler <> wrote:
Hey everyone,

At the risk of pissing some of you off, I'm gonna go ahead and say it 
anyway. I am really disappointed about the response to the two posts 
about the hurricane situation. I am asking you guys to quit whining 
about how much gas costs now and how much it's gonna cost later and DO 
SOMETHING FOR THESE PEOPLE! There are THOUSANDS of people who have 
NOTHING. N-O-T-H-I-N-G! Not even a wallet, a change of underwear, or 
the basics we all take for granted -- FOOD AND WATER!

I am issuing a challenge. Instead of pissing and moaning about the 
things that inconvenience you at the moment, how about start digging 
through your closets and attics and find things that can help these 
folks!!! We have been digging through the house collecting old 
T-shirts, clothes that no longer fit us that we were eventually going to 
get around to donating to Goodwill, old towels and washcloths that were 
still good but we were using for rags, bottles of shampoo I no longer 
use and hotel samples and soaps I have saved, a couple blankets and 
sheets we can spare, some bottles of water we had sitting in the garage, 
and anything else we can think of to help these folks get through this 
with basic needs and dignities taken care of. As I am writing this it 
is making me think of other stuff we can dig out and send -- OTC 
medicine we have used once or twice, garbage bags, toilet paper, canned 
goods, etc. You don't have to give money, but please, PLEASE do what 
you can to help these people out. There are drop-off areas all over the 
place, or you can box stuff up and send it to me and I will get it to a 
drop-off for you. 

We are also donating some money through Brad's employer, who is matching 
donated funds dollar for dollar, plus is donating a large sum on their 
own. Most larger employers will match donated funds for something like 
this -- check with yours if you feel inclined to donate money.

Please bear in mind a huge number of these people have NOTHING to come 
back to. Their houses were either completely destroyed or swept away or 
damaged so badly none of their possessions are recoverable. We consider 
ourselves lucky in that we have race cars and can afford to pay for race 
gas, and we get pissed off when we can't find that specific tool in all 
of the clutter in our garages. These folks were lucky to get out with 
the clothes on their backs, and a lot of them no longer HAVE garages or 
the things in them!

I would love to see your posts on what you are donating or how you are 
helping or any ideas you come up with to help others think of something 
to do to help. If you do, please feel free to attach your gas pricing 
comments at the bottom. I will read every one of them happily.

Thank you, and I'm getting off my soapbox now,


#4 white spitfire

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