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RE: Tires for TR3 and TR4

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Subject: RE: Tires for TR3 and TR4
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Date: Tue, 13 Sep 2005 07:57:44 -0700
When would you estimate the test to be published (Nov, Dec, Jan)?
It's probably time for me to get rid of the "vintage" wire wheels and 6 year
old Dunlops on the TR3 so I'll be real interested in what your testing
Here in the Northwest SOVREN is pretty much "by the rules" (1969 SCCA PCS or
earlier) so I don't think they would approve 14" or 16" wheels.
I would be interested in tires that fit the "approved rim". The maximum
allowable for the TR3 per 1969 SCCA rules is stock (15x4) plus 1.5" width. I
think Panasport only offers 15x5.

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We can get involved and make an official tire test out of this for the
magazine. We were starting to work on vintage tire test anyway. This will
save time and money, as we usually can get tires and track time for free. We
could take one or two of the fastest drivers and do some comparisons. I have
two sets of identical Panasports. We would need one or two more sets.
I think I can get Jack to attend.

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> Hi gang,
> We had a fantastic time at Watkins Glen last weekend, when I get a 
> moment I'll write a report. But more important things to ponder at the
> After a trip to Bob Woodman Tires I found a set of Hoosier Vintage TD
> 5.5X15 cost me $885, including mounting, balancing and tax. It is well 
> known that Hoosier changed the compound of our tire this year making 
> it softer, and pretty much limiting it's life to less than 2 race
> So I started thinking. I think we have done plenty of upgrades to 
> enhance the safety of our cars (the Southwick axle and front hubs, and 
> the uprated
> spindles) so that our cars can safely handle different rubber.
> I talked to the TR racers at the Glen, and asked them what tire would 
> we LIKE to run, then we should see if we can get Jack Woerle to approve
> Jeff Snook opened the door by chatting with Jack at the Saturday 
> dinner, and Jack is open to a conversation about our tires.
> So, the ball is in our court. I would like a tire that meets any, but 
> preferrably all, of these requirements. I want a tire that is faster, 
> lasts longer and is cheaper than the Hooiser Vintage TD. I also want 
> World Peace, and have similar expectations about our tire selections...
> I'm assuming Jack Woerle is going to stick to his guns on the 
> requirement for a 60 series profile.
> Jeff and Randy Williams want a tire that will fit under the stock 
> bodywork of their TR3's.
> Tony, I know you are planning to experiment with a different tire, 
> have you had the chance to run them yet?
> Bob Kramer, I know this is a subject near and dear to you, do you have 
> any recommendations?
> Does anyone have any experience with the Hooiser Street TD that can 
> offer a comparison to the Vintage TD? I know the Street TD is a little 
> shorter and wider than the Vintage TD, and some wicked fast cars run 
> them and seem to drive where ever they damn well want to on the track.

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