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RE: Group 44 Gt6 - For Sale - Buyer Be Very Beware

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Subject: RE: Group 44 Gt6 - For Sale - Buyer Be Very Beware
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Date: Thu, 15 Sep 2005 08:07:54 -0700
Even if the car doesn't pan out you'll have a good story--how even nice guys
and racers can be fooled or fool themselves into thinking a car has
provenance. Wishful thinking is a potent drug. True in business, cars, and

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Subject: Re: Group 44 Gt6 - For Sale - Buyer Be Very Beware

okay, an update. The owner and I have agreed upon a price and I have bought
the car, subject to verification that it is real. I had a long talk with
Lanky Foushe yesterday and he feels that the car is real. He has volunteered
to inspect the car which is located 93 miles from his house. I also had a
long talk with Bob Boig the car's previous owner. The stories all match up
so far. Looks like Fourstenou (sp) drove the car. I am still piecing
together competition history.
Lanky says that one of the cars was hurt bad at Mid Ohio and rebodied, but
this probably is not that car, Lanky and Bob also tell me that the early
cars did not yet have the Datsun axle mods.
Our plan is to restore, race and write about this whole process (assuming
the car pans out). A few people have told me that bthey know a secretb but
didn't want to tell. Come on guys... teasing is well, just teasing. if you
know soemthign spill your guys. A few people have given me real good info.

Any and all REAL info that would help document or disprove this story and
car would be greatly appreciated. Who drove it, where and when would also be
good to know. Thanking you muchly.

Tim Suddard
Publisher, Grassroots Motorsports/Classic Motorsports www. Phone (386) 673-4148
Fax (386) 673-6040

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