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Date: Sun, 18 Sep 2005 13:24:12 -0700
Only in California.  

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Subject: Vintage Boat Races...

So, my buddy sez "Let's go to the boat races, it's wild!". Now I live on one
of the largest lakes in California and can hear hulls slapping the waves and
big blocks screaming as they push their props thru the viscous waters all
I've even seen the water skiing races where the water skier, dressed like
the Michelin man, gets dragged around a course at triple digits, so "a boat
didn't seem all that wild. ...Until he told me its held on the local stock
car track!
It seems some demented criminal type decided it would be good fun to combine
a demolition derby with aquatic adventure. First the water truck soaps down
the track with soapy water, then the sprinkling system keeps it wet. An
assortment of boats from peddle boats to 30 foot runabouts are then dragged
behind an assortment of old race cars, street vehicles or trucks onto the
track. The last vehicle running with a boat still in tow is declared winner.
The object is to destroy everyone else's boat, while going fast enough to
keep your boat seaworthy.
Oh, the humanity...
With 30 vehicles and assorted craft on a half mile track, all bedlam breaks
out at the drop of the green!!!

As my old neighbor used to say, "I've been uptown, downtown and seen Tobacco
Road twice, but I a'int never seen nothing like this"!

Its amazing what free time, a race track and a brain will come up with...

Still in shock,
             Nick in Nor Cal

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