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timing chain tensioners (double row TR6 style)

Subject: timing chain tensioners (double row TR6 style)
From: "Brad Kahler" <>
Date: Thu, 02 Feb 2006 19:19:55 -0600

A couple of years ago during the last race on the last day at Mosport 
Susan's racing came to a stop due to what turned out to be a shredded 
timing chain tensioner.  

The timing chain and tensioner are the double row type as used in TR6 

The engine was rebuilt with a new tensioner and ran one race weekend.  We 
had to pull the engine apart for another matter and looked at the 
tensioner.  It already had grooves in it after just 3 days of racing.  We 
replaced the tensioner at that time and she then ran one more race 
weekend at VIR.  I pulled the front timing cover last night to inspect 
the tensioner and this one also has grooves in it, after only one race 
weekend.  Oiling is not a problem as everything looks well oiled, no wear 
on anything else.

I called TRF today to see if they had any instock and was informed that 
they have not had any since last fall.  Apparently they are in search of 
a manufacturer that handles quality tensioners.

Anyone out there know of a good source for a TR6 timing chain tensioner 
that will last for more than one race weekend?


1967 Spitfire crew chief

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