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Subject: [FOT] Wilson Motorsport, Inc.
From: "Joe Guinan" <>
Date: Thu, 13 Jul 2006 20:53:54 -0500
Interesting discussion on modern track design...  I looked up Alan Wilson's
web site for fun -, and there are
interesting comments on the "Media" page.  Since they are on the company web
site, the are only the positive comments.  There are also diagram/maps of
his course designs.

I'm wondering if anyone in our FoT community has a close enough relationship
with Mr. Wilson (or someone else at the company) to put the question
directly to him and see what responses are given.  Maybe we'd learn

Just watching several races at his MidAmerica Motorplex in Southwest Iowa, I
see cars pass at three or four areas.  The long straight is where the big
motor cars walk away.  Better handling cars can sometimes get by coming out
of 3 and going through 4, but usually are bottled up behind and can't get
by. The SCCA guys sometimes use each other for braking assist at #5, and
I've seen good drivers swap positions back and forth through 9, 10, and 11.
On that last part, the car that was in front going into 9 is usually back in
front after 11, but it can be exciting to watch.

The thing that bugs me about the track (since I'm still WATCHING and not
driving...) is that the best racing action is as far away from the
spectators as it can be.  I have never seen a racing pass anywhere close to
the grandstands, and there is no access at all to the far sides of the track
for spectating.  If I was driving, and not just watching, I probably
wouldn't care.

Anyone from the FoT besides Aaron Johnson coming to MAM at the end of July
for the SCCA event?

Joe Guinan
Fremont, NE 68025

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