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Re: [FOT] Data acquisition

To: Brad Kahler <>
Subject: Re: [FOT] Data acquisition
From: Bill Babcock <>
Date: Fri, 28 Jul 2006 23:21:03 -0700
Actually the thing I like best about this group is the level of  
expertise about everything and anything. I raise the issues of a GPS- 
based data acquisition system and get three very expert comments  
about how the system functions. that's remarkable and valuable. I  
also greatly enjoy the enthusiasm and genuine friendship of everyone  
in the FOT that I've met.  I don't mind a little heat and passion,  
and I certainly don't expect people to agree with everything I do or  
say. I'm sharing some information about something I find interesting.  
How anyone interprets that is their issue.

On Jul 28, 2006, at 8:59 PM, Brad Kahler wrote:

> I didn't realize the FOT was only about "vintage" triumph racing.
> Personally I thought the FOT was about Triumphs in all forms of
> competition, not just vintage.
> Susan was wondering if there was a full moon or something with the way
> everyone is acting.
> Brad
> On 28 Jul 2006 at 20:16, John Herrera wrote:
>>> Dave,
>>> Stick around, I like your style. I don't see anything wrong with  
>>> calling
>>> out some truth. Nothing vintage about data acquisition in any  
>>> form. Well,
>>> except for the drivers brain and a buddy track side with a stop  
>>> watch.
>>> Don't fret as DA is about as useful as snot in the wind to most  
>>> vintage
>>> and club racers. More often it's the driver with the most talent  
>>> who jump
>>> into a car with a mediocre setup and kick everyone's ass. Seat  
>>> time is
>>> the ticket to the podium and that shiny bowling trophy. Let's  
>>> keep it
>>> vintage!
>>> Dennis Reed
>> I agree, Dave. If anyone should take a hike, let it be "Moneybags"
>> Babcock.
>> I think you represent the Spirit of Vintage Racing.
>> See you at the Jefferson Circuit of Summit Point on Labor Day  
>> Weekend?
>> John H.
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