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Subject: [Fot] Spitfire bits for sale
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Date: Fri, 16 Mar 2007 07:35:13 -0500
I met a guy here in Northeast Wisconsin who has a hoard of Spitfires and
Spitfire parts he'd like to sell off (going back to racing his Mustang).
He'd like to sell it as a package deal.  He's looking for a reasonable
offer and someone with a big truck.  Please forward this to any other
vintage race lists you're in contact with.

He has two cars: one 1965 Spitfire race car and one 1967 Spitfire race
car.  The 1965 has an 1147.  He'd describe the 1965 as an old prod car
and the 1967 as a vintage car.  The 1965 Spitfire was last raced in
1994, but he feels ("new tires, new calipers, time it and go" he says.)
The 1967 car would require significantly more work.

His parts inventory is pretty extensive.  Extensive enough that he
doesn't want to inventory it.  But it includes blocks, cranks, cams,
pistons, rods (stock), etc. for 1147, 1296s of both varieties and one
1500.   He's also got 6 to 8 Minilites, 4 Cosmics, 6 widened steel
wheels and a set of Revolutions on the 1965 car, and a set of slotted
aluminum mags on the 1967 car.

I've seen this stash and the cars, but don't really know much about it
-- I just purchased a diff from him a few months ago.

If anyone is interested, I can run over there this weekend and take a
bunch of digital pics.

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