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Re: [Fot] TR4 Suspension

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Subject: Re: [Fot] TR4 Suspension
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Date: Wed, 28 Mar 2007 07:58:56 -0400
THis can be very true, you will notice it when you late break hard in a
corner as you transition to the throttle the rear spring rate changes and
that can suck sometimes. I noticed it most in Autocross. I fixed it in my
vintage Mustang by adding a 1/2 leaf from the axel forward since I was not
using blocks. If you find spring rate changing in hard late break corners -
drop the blocks and go to de-arching or just de-arch and be done with it...



From: on behalf of Greg Solow
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    With a spacer in place,  it may be necessary to install "traction bars"
on the rear axle to prevent "spring windup" under hard braking. You might be
better off to have the arch of the springs adjusted by a spring shop to
lower the car. A spacer between the spring and the axle gives the axle
"leverage" agaiinst the spring as it reacts the the driving or braking
"twist" of the tires against the pavement. The taller the spacer, the more
leverage there is and the more likely to get axle hop under acceleration or

                    Greg Solow
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Subject: [Fot] TR4 Suspension

> Hello:
> Thanks to one and all for your suggestions on lowering the ride height on
> my
> racin TR4.  I removed the spring spacer and reversed the lower A-arms on
> one
> side of the car and that dropped it down to a nice height.  Looking
> forward to
> completing the other side in the next couple of days.
> I'll then move to the rear suspension where I plan on using a spacer
> between
> the leaf spring and u-bolt securing plate (thanks Tony).  Realign the
> front
> end and we're ready for the next race.
> Gary
> '62 TR4
> '69 TR6
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