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Subject: Re: [Fot] Overdrive issue
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Date: Sat, 31 Mar 2007 14:31:10 -0700
Good advice.

Never Be beaten by Equipment
Kas Kastner
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  The hip bones connected to wait this is tranny talk. However, its all
the same. Usually due to "vigorous " shifting or just old age, the "top hat"
bushing in the trans on the mainshaft breaks and allows too much endfloat.
This in turn usually pounds the little bronze bush in the center of the
planetary set. When this goes away, everything moves waay more than any
engineer ever thought it would and the bushing you're looking at is usually
the recipient of all the load and it too goes away. Sometimes that bushing,
just out of spite, spins in the housing or breaks all on its own. In either
case the end result is the same...there never was a replacement available that
I'm aware of. So, time to get the lathe out and whittle one. or replace the

  Broken gears and tears.....
                Nick in Nor Cal

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     I  drained  the  oil  from  my tranny and found a couple of disturbing
     pieces in the oil.  They are from the overdrive.  With Larry's rebuild
     instructions in hand, I ordered the parts that looked likely.  Earlier
     this  evening  I  took  the  overdrive  off of the tranny to begin the
     process  of  replacing  those  thrust  washers.   However, the problem
     wasn't  what  I thought it would be.  It turns out that there's a "top
     hat" bushing in the "pump housing" that the eccentric that runs the OD
     oil  pump  rests  against.   You  can  see it in the background of the
     exploded diagrams of the factory manual and Moss catalogs, but there's
     no  little  number  and  arrow pointing to it.  There's no part number
     listed with Moss for it.
     I've  got  pictures  of the OD / broken part and of another OD with an
     intact part in it on my website at .
     I  would  REALLY  appreciate  it if anyone who has OD experience would
     follow  the  link  (I  promise it's safe) and take a quick look at the
     pictures.   Have  you  seen  this  problem?  What's the fix?  Is there
     one?  Is the bushing a non-replaceable item?
     Right  now, I'm probably looking at taking the pump housing out of the
     "spare"  OD,  but  I don't know the condition of the bores etc. in it.
     Is  that  bushing  something I can press out of one housing and put in
     the other?
     Another possibility is to take another 0.125 thick thrust washer, open
     up  the  ID  to fit over the the output shaft of the transmission, and
     "pin" it to the pump housing.
     Thanks  for  making it this far in this message, and thanks in advance
     for the flood of great advice that will pour forth...
     - Tony Drews
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