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Records update for ECTA

Subject: Records update for ECTA
From: Chuck Rothfuss <>
Date: Sat, 09 Jan 1999 23:15:24 -0500

  Anyone out there that can push the right buttons to get the ECTA records
updated on the roadsters website?  I'm sure that having current records
available isn't as important to everyone else as it is to me, since some
people campaign the same car year after year.  

  I'd like to try a little of everything, some vintage inline flatheads,
stock sedans and of course, my odd ball rotary projects.  It ain't near as
much fun building a car just to find out later that every class that it'll
fit into has a record that you'll never be able to even approach.  That's
almost as bad as having your sanctioning body tell you that they're gonna
TRIPLE your engine size in mid season!  I'm still trying to figure that one

  Hmmmm, maybe if I can get a 12A to run on just one rotor...

Chuck Rothfuss
"USS Wankel" '71 RX510 E/FALT, E/GCC
"Frosty" E/MS project
Lots of possible vintage toys
Pole Cat Hollow, NC    

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