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Hello from Bonn Racing News

To: <>
Subject: Hello from Bonn Racing News
From: "Wendy Jeffries" <>
Date: Mon, 11 Jan 1999 06:40:04 -0800
Hello LSR friends,

I've just signed on the list.  Always looking for what's going on in
LSR and cyberspace.   I can put a notice and sign-on instructions in
the next Bonneville Racing News if that's okay with the list owner.
In fact, why don't you write the announcement Keith.  I just love it
when people send me things. :>)

What prompted you to create the list?
When did you start it?
Who is on it?
What are your plans for the future of the list?
Got any experts eager to tackle tough questions?

Wendy Jeffries,
Editor, Bonneville Racing News

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