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Re: Window nets & stuff

To: "Chuck Rothfuss" <>, <>
Subject: Re: Window nets & stuff
From: "Keith Turk" <>
Date: Fri, 15 Jan 1999 06:37:44 -0800
Chuck haven't found a source of custom made nets... I know they won't let
you modify one ... did we get any response?

I was out sanding on the old Camero last night... thinking this new paint
job is going to add at least .001mph to the top speed.  What with the
boundary layer and all... and I am indenting the Headlight covers rather
then pop riveting them to the outside... hmm aerodynamically again this is
not much help... but it is pretty and well I like pretty.

This whole effort really isn't about setting a ton of records.... it is
about having a good time and relaxing...   oh and it is about Learning and
following a dream.  

Hey anybody got any brilliant Ideas about color schemes.. I would ask John
but I know he would put the ole girl in primer and Run the snot out of

Keith Turk 
Austin Healey 100  /  Bugeye / Box Sprite / Bonneville Land Speed Racer
Camero ( D Gas Altered )

> From: Chuck Rothfuss <>
> To:
> Subject: Window nets & stuff
> Date: Wednesday, January 13, 1999 6:54 PM
> List,
>   Here's a question for those of you who don't enjoy climbing into cars
> through the windows.  Where can a guy get a window net custom sewn in a
> larger than the standard NASCAR net?  I'm only interested in one, and I
> don't want to spend a fortune on it.  I've just grown very tired of arm
> restraints.  
>   Also kinda curious about Willy's automobiles competing in LSR anywhere,
> anytime in the past.  Especially interested in 52-54 Willy's Aero Eagle's
> and Aero Lark's.  Anybody remember these?
> Chuck Rothfuss
> Pole Cat Hollow, NC 

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