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Re: Fiberglass and Foam

Subject: Re: Fiberglass and Foam
From: Chuck Rothfuss <>
Date: Mon, 25 Jan 1999 22:09:52 -0500

  You're just looking for something to mock up the scoop, right?  How about
cardboard and duct tape?  I had a Toyota in Japan that I "restored" that
way.  I've no idea what shape you're going for, but I've had good luck on
rounded, jelly bean shapes (air boxes & ducts) using soft foam rubber and
mylar tape.  I get the general shape with the foam and then wrap it in the
tape.  It's very easy to work when doing odd shapes, because more tape here
and there can correct lumps and other problems.  Once it's on the form a
heat gun will remove wrinkles from the tape. (and melt the foam if you're
not careful)    
  Tell us more about this hood scoop!  Rear facing?  Forward?  How tall?
How long?  Full hood length with a gradual height increase?  Rounded or square?

  Man, I just noticed your signature line and realized I'd been spelling
Camero wrong all these years.  I used to spell it with two A's.  Glad I
caught that!

Chuck Rothfuss

At 05:03 PM 1/25/99 -0600, you wrote:
>anybody got any thoughts on what kind of foam to use to build a hood scoop?
>Keith Turk BN2, AN5, AN9, Bonneville Camero LSR

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