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Air Ride suspensions

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Subject: Air Ride suspensions
From: "Keith Turk" <>
Date: Fri, 29 Jan 1999 21:23:59 -0800
Lets start with my reasons for running an air ride suspension in the first

A. for a car to go fast It makes sense that the front end be as low as
possible to keep the air out from under it.. 

B. with the change in rear tire altitude to aid in final gear selections I
wanted to keep the body at the correct rake or angle... The best knowledge
I have says that about 3 degrees of rake is close...

C. Loading this pig on a trailer is about a two day job... 

D. I wanted a quality set of headers that I didn't donate to the Concrete
at Maxton... the Track is great but a car that is this low... doesn't fair
well on the return road or the cut off to the starting line..

E. I wanted to have the car up to work on it in the pits.

All this having been said the air bags from Air Ride suspensions got here
today and I started to work on it... the front left bag is sitting in its
well and totally replaces the original coil spring.  the installation seems
pretty straight forward so far and I am looking forward to hoisting it up
the first time with air.. Range of travel adjustments can be made during
this installation... but the front are pretty much limited to about 6" and
the back is limited to 5"

The final Racing altitude is where the front suspension has to be aliened
and must be maintained while the car is on the course... But the Ride back
to the pits will be at altitude to prevent from scraping the headers and
cross members off the car..

The Air source for this system has yet to be determined... I didn't order
the on board compressor yet as I wasn't sure it was a mandatory
requirement... we'll see

Keith Turk 
Austin Healey 100  /  Bugeye / Box Sprite / Bonneville Land Speed Racer
Camaro ( D Gas Altered )

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