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Re: Final drive

Subject: Re: Final drive
Date: Mon, 12 Apr 1999 18:52:07 EDT
        The plan is Al Liest has incorporates 6:71 blown cad northstar 
engines. Al has an engine building shop here and built the 302 in Jack 
Costella's liner. If you look at Jacks car you will see that the engine not 
the driver is the largest thing in the car. And Jack also mounts the motors 
with the crank centerlines about 4 inches below the rear axle.                
                Al seems to be thinking of 4 motors and 4 wheel drive. He 
says it depends on dyno figures the Cad motors develop.                         
                                                                The point 
here is to get the drive up to the axle centerline. Jack uses change gears 
and a fwd axle and an angle drive. Al wanted to use an angle drive and blower 
belts. Locomotives and very large dump trucks use Diesel electric drive. 
Electric liners with lots of batteries run at salt. Very heavy.               
                                        Al has run two sprint car teams at 
the same time. He has a jr. fuel digger now. He has a large well equipped 
automotive machine shop and a nice dyno. Some good people working for him, 
maybe it will happen, but I'm not holding my breath.  R. Fox

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