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Re: Oiling Systems

To: Dave Dahlgren <>
Subject: Re: Oiling Systems
From: Ed Van Scoy <>
Date: Fri, 16 Apr 1999 09:48:05 -0400
Would like to go a little further into this........
I have a 372 cid that has been having problems on the long course
(bearing failure). I have been using a 7 qt moroso pan + cooler and
lines for a total  of 8 qts.
Obviously RPM is a big factor in this matter. I have a general question,
and I know the answer depends mainly on the oil pump capacity, but,,, Is
there any rule of thumb (no offense to Tom) of when a wet sump cannot
"keep up" with the engine any longer and a dry sump becomes necessary.
C/GT #128

Dave Dahlgren wrote:
> NO you are not!
> The heat generated by the valve gear, springs rockers is pretty
> tremendous. Endurance cars use spray bars to oil them for cooling. A
> drag race car only needs seconds you need minutes. I think you are an
> endurance car Yes ?? You may not want to block that off... The dry sump
> is $$$$ but only spent once. The tank, pump and lines will fit any later
> cars or engines that are similar. And the pumps can be changed add
> sections remove them change size of section very versatile and as
> important as the right tires....
> Dave Dahlgren
> Joseph Timney wrote:
> >
> > Does a wet sump system hold up pretty well on the five mile course? I know 
>a dry-sump would be ideal but $$$. How about limiting oil to the rockers to 
>try to keep oil in the pan?  In dragracing,I have done everything from 
>pipecleaners in the pushrods(old timer trick) to the installation of 
>restriction orfice in the oil galley. This works well for drag racing but FIVE 
>MILERS... am I just being paranoid?

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