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Re: Belt camshaft drives

To: Chris R Harris <>
Subject: Re: Belt camshaft drives
From: Dave Dahlgren <>
Date: Sat, 17 Apr 1999 08:05:34 -0400
Best pushrod engines belong to NHRA Pro Stock 1250 hp 500 inches..2.5 HP
per Cu In  that would be 887 hp 355. Winston Cup is around 720 HP.2.03
HP per Cu In.. The prostock guys run them... Belt drive is like a dry
sump, big money up front hardly any later.. There are many parts like
that .. The best is usually cheaper in the long run.. Let's face it we
are out there to do 2 things, Have FUN and Break records!!! It is pretty
hard to break records if you are not running the best money can buy, and
I have the most fun breaking records.. Nothing like coffee in the
morning at impound :>)  Parts i will not race without, dry sump, EFI, 4
valves per cylinder ( or more), slide throttles, and a trans that has
many gears.. the rest is usually not a record breaking combination.. 

Just my opinion at least.


Dave Dahlgren
Engine Management Systems

< Commercial >
For those of you that want slide throttles contact me off list we make
them here. Do EFI also Won 24 hr Daytona twice set pole etc. and a
zillion races in Pro Sports Car. Also G\GL and G\FL at Bonneville went
(215 in Australia) for many years.. Have setups for Ford yates
head,Chevy 18 deg,Cosworth BD and YB, Porsche 911, ferrari 348, mazda
13b, and any custom thing you can think of.. but it is expensive... 
<End Commercial >

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