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Re: A "New" Venue on another Continent

Subject: Re: A "New" Venue on another Continent
From: "gary baker" <>
Date: Mon, 01 Sep 2003 18:08:50 +1000
Joe amo wrote
>Malcom, after a closer look, the distance to South Afr. from you
>is not likely further than Bonneville,  is it a cheaper alternative?,

hey Joe the currency of Sth Africa is called the Rand and it is even more 
woefull than the aussie $  compaired to the greenback, for your greenback 
you get a bucket full of rands , so IHMO it is mostly all about cost  very 
cheap for pommies  to go to S.A compaired to USA  anyway its great to see 
LSR taking a small step on the africian continent

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